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Kids Count is a not for profit corporation. The members of the corporation are you - the parents and/or guardians of the children attending the Program.  All members of the corporation have voting rights at the Annual Meeting held each June.

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the KIDS COUNT after-school program. The Board’s function is to oversee the fiscal and programmatic operation of the Program. The Board consists of parents or guardians of children currently enrolled in the Program, and other community members who wish to participate.  The Board holds regular monthly meetings at Northeast Elementary School or other locations as needed. The members of the corporation elect new Board members at the Annual Meeting. 

Northeast KIDS COUNT, Inc., Board of Directors

Brenda Jahnke - President -

Michelle Mazza - Vice President -

Jared Fortna - Treasurer -

Cynthia Kinsland - Secretary -

Caroline Marschner - Board Member -

Kate Lyons - Board Member -

Daniela Turcanu - Board Member -

Julie Humble - Ex-Officio Member -

Tracy Robbins - Managing Director -

Kristina Vanderbilt - Program Director -

If you have a complaint against Northeast KIDS COUNT, Inc for the violations of statutory and regulatory requirements, please contact:

New York Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS)

Syracuse Regional Office

The Atrium Suite 350

100 South Salina Street

Syracuse, New York 13202


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