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**The Wait List for the 2023-2024 school year and beyond is now OPEN. The wait list is capped at 70 students.

All excess applications will be returned. Please note that the wait list is a multi-year wait. 

Wait List Policy


                                                                                  Priority Schedule:

                                                                    1. Siblings of those currently enrolled

                                                                    2. Children of Kids Count Staff

                                                                    3. Children of Northeast Elementary Staff

                                                                    4. All other applicants                                


1. Students not currently enrolled in our program are required to submit a wait-list application.


 2. Wait list applications may be submitted in person or by email. Hard copy wait list applications will be date stamped in the order in which they are received. The date stamp for emailed applications will be the date on which the email was received. This date will determine priority when spaces become available according to the priority schedule listed above.


*        Wait list applications may be submitted no more than one academic year in advance of the date on which enrollment is desired. (For example, if enrollment is sought for the first day of 1st grade, an application will not be accepted until the first day of kindergarten.)

*        Emailed wait list applications will be accepted any time after 12:01pm, 1 academic year before desired enrollment.


*        Hard copy wait list applications will be accepted in person, in the Northeast Kids Count office, located at Northeast Elementary School, no earlier than 12:01pm (noon), 1 academic year before desired enrollment.



3. Once wait list families are awarded a space, they are given not more than 7 days to accept or decline. Families that decline an offer of an available space are placed at the bottom of the wait list. Their new wait list priority date then becomes the date on which they declined the offer. Families that cannot be reached by telephone numbers or emails they have provided on their wait list application will be deleted from wait list.  It is the Applicant's responsibility to keep contact information updated. If the Applicant cannot be reached by phone or e-mail , the application will be deactivated.   


***If the offered space is accepted, registration papers are promptly sent to the family. Children may not attend Northeast Kids Count until registration papers are complete and a $100 deposit is paid***

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